I have installed HyfeGate on all of my hives at Beetopia NZ Ltd. It has been the best investment ever as we always have problems with German wasps in this area. I had tried various remedies and devices to protect the hives, but all to no avail. So it has been great to have a device like HyfeGate that really and truly works! ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ. Plus the team behind the device are a charming family who are easy to work with and also provide sound practical advice. Well done guys !!!

Grass Aposti, Beetopia NZ Ltd.

โ€œI purchased a couple HyfeGates at Apimondia in Montreal to try out. First put it in a small hive under attack that needed all the resources they could get to make it through our Colorado winter. The HyfeGate gave them a fighting chance. The bees were able to defend and the wasps gave up as they did not like running the gauntlet of the tunnel that only allows them to enter the hive under the cluster. Put the second in my long hive under attack from wasps (they are bad this year here), The wasps also have given up entering the HyfeGate. They still are trying to enter the hive, looking for any other way possible (there is none) but will not go through the HyfeGate. The bees only took a small amount of time to orient to the longer entrance. I am impressed!โ€œ.

Carol, Colorado, USA

โ€œThis is the most effective and scientifically designed tool for detection, monitoring and elimination of wasps, and possibly many of the common predators and parasites in hives. It is cost effective, robust and adaptable to varying hive bases, including the changing position of a cluster within a hive. This is a game-changing invention. Every beekeeper will have one in every hive within 3 years.โ€

Mark Vette

Renowned animal & insect behaviourist & Zoologist
40 years of clinical behaviour experience including for films & TV

โ€œThe โ€˜tunnelโ€™ concept of HyfeGate is really promising, enabling bees to defend their hive naturally and successfully. It gives the bees a controlled area to fend off intruders. And the intruders will not like it from as soon as they try to enter the hive.ย For semi-commercial and commercial beekeepers it works well for extended periods of hive protection without the need for frequent monitoring.โ€ย 

Kim Kneijber

15 yearsโ€™ experience as a hobby and commercial beekeeper
President of the Auckland HUB -APINZ

โ€œWhat is exciting about the HyfeGate is that it shifts the entrance of the hive to the bee cluster.ย  The video footage really does show how the bees are effectively defending themselves, HyfeGate is truly remarkable.โ€

Peter McNab, 40 years experience as a beekeeper