What is HyfeGate™?

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HyfeGate™ stops robbing by intruders such as bees and wasps.  It is an easy to install product specifically designed to re-activate the bees’ natural defence behaviour to protect their hive from intruders.

If you want to prevent your hives from being robbed give HyfeGate a try! Once installed there is no need for continuous monitoring of your hive(s). HyfeGate is a set-and-forget product and will become part of your annual hive management.

HyfeGate is the only product we are aware of that provides complete control against robbing by using the natural behaviour of both the bees and the intruders. HyfeGate reactivates the bees’ natural behaviour simply by re-designing the hive entrance and without the use of harmful pesticides.

Patent Pending: #749552

Installing HyfeGate™

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What People Say

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How HyfeGate™ Stops Robbing

HyfeGate™ is a tunnel-like device that is fitted inside the hive, onto the hive base. One end becomes the external hive entrance. The other end becomes the internal and now the actual hive entrance, positioned under the bee cluster.

The design of this new entrance improves the bees’ defence by:

  • directing intruders (such as robbing bees or wasps) to the bee cluster where they are forced to engage with a large number of bees;
  • as well as making the journey into the hive more difficult for the intruders.

The tunnel design changes the bees’ line of defence from only at the front of the hive, to a zone of defence and multiple points of detection throughout the tunnel – which ends under the bee cluster where the bees can now very easily detect the stressed intruder. The alarm pheromones from the now stressed intruder alert the bees in the cluster. Confrontation with the bees is now unavoidable for the intruder resulting in the bees starting a continued attack. The intruder now has to engage and fight the bees and cannot slink into the hive unnoticed.

Most intruders (such as robbing bees or wasps) don’t make it past the internal entrance of the HyfeGate and give up by leaving the tunnel unsuccessfully. If an intruder does make it past this point and into the hive, then it encounters continuous fighting from the bees and eventually dies.  The HyfeGate design prevents the intruder from seeing the exit, making it extremely difficult for the intruder to find a way out, especially when it is under continued attack from the bees.

Importantly, an unsuccessful entry from an intruder means that this intruder can not communicate a successful robbing to its own colony. The end result being that your hive will not become the target of an attack by increasing numbers of intruders. Robbers will look for another, weaker, unprotected hive.

HyfeGate Prototype Video

This video shows a HyfeGate prototype tested on a hive under attack from wasps. This proved to us that the concept really worked and we went on to develop the final HyfeGate design.

Wintering-down your hive with HyfeGates installed

This video shows a HyfeGate prototype tested on a hive under attack from wasps. This proved to us that the concept really worked and we went on to develop the final HyfeGate design.

Rethinking the Hive Entrance

This video shows a presentation from BeeIQ, held in June 2019 at APINZ. It explains the missing piece or link of the entrance of the current beehive design. Pointing out that redesigning the hive entrance will enable the bees to effectively defend against intruders such as wasps and robbing bees.

When to use HyfeGate

We recommend using HyfeGate as part of your normal hive management plan. Some beekeepers will leave the HyfeGate(s) in all year round. Others may decide to only install HyfeGate after the honey harvest season, when food stores become low and robbing becomes prevalent.

Why would you use a HyfeGate?

What is your beehive or an apiary worth to you?

This value will be the direct and indirect total dollar value, either due to the complete hive loss or the indirect loss in productivity of the hive. Although more difficult to dollarize, is the associated factors: How much direct time do you need to invest in controlling wasps? Are you adding more unnecessary poisons to the environment to control wasps? Do you fall short on your pollination or honey production commitments because your bees are underperforming? How frequently are you able to monitor each hive? Are you inspecting your hives daily, weekly or monthly? A beehive will typically be destroyed by wasps over just a few days. These were some of the factors that we faced with our hives. After installing HyfeGate into our hives we not only achieved peace of mind but experienced transformational results in controlling wasps.

  • cost-effective
  • easy to install
  • 100% chemical free
  • durable, will last for many seasons
  • does not require continual monitoring
  • supports the natural behaviour of bees