BeeIQ Solutions, a New Zealand based company that develops innovative solutions to support bees worldwide.

Our first product: HyfeGate, stops robbing by enabling bees to naturally defend their hives from intruders such as robbing bees and wasps without the use of chemicals.

I purchased a couple HyfeGates at Apimondia in Montreal to try out. First put it in a small hive under attack that needed all the resources they could get to make it through our Colorado winter. The HyfeGate gave them a fighting chance. The bees were able to defend and the wasps gave up as they did not like running the gauntlet of the tunnel that only allows them to enter the hive under the cluster. Put the second in my long hive under attack from wasps (they are bad this year here), The wasps also have given up entering the HyfeGate. They still are trying to enter the hive, looking for any other way possible (there is none) but will not go through the HyfeGate. The bees only took a small amount of time to orient to the longer entrance. I am impressed!“. Carol, Colorado, USA

HyfeGate™ in short

Being beekeepers ourselves we have experienced the devastating effect of robbing wasps and bees on our own hives. We tried several products on the market that aim to stop robbing, but they all seem to aim at trying to keep the intruders out. None of these products focus on the natural behaviour of bees and giving bees the natural upper hand in defending themselves.

Wasps are smart and don’t give up easily. They can figure things out. Give them a way into a hive and they will have a go. If the bees for whatever reason are not strongly defending then wasps will find their way in and gradually take over the hive.

Outside Temperature plays an important part as well, mainly with robbing wasps. When the outside temperature drops below 13°C, bees will stay in their cluster and defending bees will not yet be at the entrance. Wasps will fly and work at lower temperatures (till approximately 9°C). In this situation it is easy for wasps to enter the hive.

After studying the behaviour of robbing bees, wasps and defending bees, we came up with a solution that goes beyond today’s commercial hive design with a weak line of defence at the front of the hive. HyfeGate™ is a completely new hive entrance design, giving the bees the upper hand in defending their hive. Perhaps not surprisingly we looked at what bees were doing before commercial beekeeping times.

Desperate times when your hives are being attacked by wasps and you feel powerless to protect your bees.